Michael Blum
2010 . 03 . 11

Michael Blum

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Mike Blum, executive director of the Marine Corps League, the nation’s largest Marine veteran’s organization, spoke at a Febuary2010 press conference about why his group supports HR 24 and S.504. The bills would change the name of the Department of the Navy to the “Department of the Navy and Marine Corps.”

He said the initiative is not intended to give the Marine Corps separate status…just equal status.

Said Blum: “The reasons are pretty clear:  Over the (past) two and a quarter centuries, the Navy and the Marine Corps have been partners and shipmates and have answered the call to defend our great nation against any foe, from the beaches of New Providence to Iwo Jima and now in Iraq and Afghanistan, the strategic partnership of the Navy and the Marine Corps serves our nation well and gives America a maritime capability that is unmatched by anyone in the world.”

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  1. Billy E. Fox says:

    Billy E. Fox, Sgt. USMC 1942-1946
    I fully agree with Mike Blum of the MCL and other speakers who are gallantly pushing for this change in our great Corps’ recognition. It will not only get our name in the public’s eye more often, it will keep our name on equal ground with the Navy, Army, Air Force and Coast Guard as it should have been all these many years.

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